Welcome to SaluMed Pharmacy

The pharmacy that helps people. The most complete drug store in the area. I remember going to the doctor with my grandparents as a child and serving as an interpreter. It did not mean anything to me at the time but looking back I see it different. How must an adult person feel when she can’t communicate effectively about personal and important issues with health professionals? A child cannot possibly communicate the entire underlining message to that doctor. How did my grandmother feel standing there trying to express herself in broken English?
Most of our staff in SaluMed is bilingual. Patients feel comfortable discussing their medical concerns with us. The communities specially the disadvantaged communities need a good pharmacy just as they need a church, post office, firehouse or bank. Our company provides this essential service to our community. We want to create a feeling of trust and safely to many people. We have an obligation to the communities of Long Island and we have an obligation to each other as a team that wants to be successful. People need help and we will provide it to them because we honestly care. Our number one priority is creating a good experience for the customer not just making sale. What we really sell to our customer is our trust.