Linda Payne

I have been using services at SaluMed Pharmacy for 7 years. This is where I buy my medications, back braces and other surgical supplies. You can find good monthly offers using the coupon book. Just my experience on Mother’s day SaluMed had angel plants and I planned to return another day to buy one, well when I returned they were all sold. So buy it when you see it. Also the prices are at least 25% less than in the Nesconset area. Unlike other pharmacies, customer service is personalized.

Linda Payne

Ann Graham

I have been a customer for 15 years. SaluMed has made my life easier because I can find all of the items that I need such as meds, food and cleaning supplies. The gift reward program is the best and the wait time is very good. Diabetic socks and other medical supplies are always available. Other chain drug stores have everything like beer and sodas but not the medicines that you need. Not to mention the “Buy one get one free” deals at other stores, usually I don’t need 2 so those deals are not good. I will never go to another drugstore.

Ann Graham from Central Islip

Ana Maria Hernandez

Yo me siento como en familia por el servicio que recibo. Tengo muchos años de pertenecer a esta farmacia y siempre me han atendido muy bien. Nunca dejare esta farmacia, todos son unos angeles.

Ana Maria Hernandez from Brentwood


Concurro a la Farmacia Hispana Salumed por Accidente de Trabajo, desde el mes de Julio del 2010 hasta la actualidad, donde hago procesar mis recetas y compro mis medicamentos para la salud.

A través de su personal, la Farmacia Hispana brinda una atención correcta y efectiva, aunque también afectiva, pues uno se siente como en su casa, sintiendo la confianza de que con su atención, ellos se esfuerzan por solucionar cualquier incoveniente que pudiera presentarse dentro del proceso de obtención de las medicinas.

CESAR SANCHEZ from Bay Shore